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Thrills and Chills

A fun trek in the rivers between Monte Catria and Monte Nerone

You will stay in a comfortable hotel at the foot of the imposing Monte Catria and take part in some exciting activites over the weekend. The activities are suitable for families with children from 10 years upwards. The only thing we ask is the ability to swim. We will water trek in the rivers Burano and Candigliano, surrounded by the striking gorges and rocks of Monte Catria and Nerone. We will either walk through the river or let ourselves be gently carried along by the currents. We supply walking poles and life jackets if required. Excursionists should however bring their own walking boots or grip fast rubber outsole sandals to avoid slipping. You will need to use your own cars to get to the starting points.

A minimum of 15 people required.

Where to stay: Albergo Rifugio Monte Catria (Cantiano – PU)

Accomodation: full board

Area: from Monte Catria to Alpe della Luna (Apennine ridge)

Length: 3 days 2 nights from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

Difficulty: moderate – we will walk on the stones and rocks of the riverbed. The length varies from 5 km to about 10 km at a height of about 50 and 100 metres.


Day one – arrival at about 4 pm, a visit to the town of Cantiano followed by dinner and star waching with an expert astronomer in the village of San Crescentino (4 km from Cantiano)

Day two – River Candigliano, the trail and river itself cross some wild territory and you are sure to have a great time. The geological structures are striking and in certain parts of the trail form natual walls of sandstone rock. The water is never too cold and we can get wet as far as our thighs in some parts. In others even up to our waists. We will provide you with a packed lunch.

Day three – Adventure on the river Burano – once we reach the riverbed our pleasant summer adventure begins completely immersed in the cool water, amid potholes, ponors and sheer drop rock walls, and against this backdrop we will let the water currents transport us to the deeper parts of the river. When the water is shallow once again we will walk on solid ground again. We will leave after lunch.

Price: € 139.00 adults – € 120.00 children up to the age of 12

Consorzio Terre Alte
Tel.: +39 0721 700226